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AU-55 is capable of assessing 4 catalysts simultaneously, this enables us to achieve economies of scale and pass these cost benefits onto our clients.
The major benefit however is that one may assess 4 sets of results simultaneously thereby saving time.

Unit Description

This unit was designed by Amoco Oil Company of the U.S.A. and was commissioned in 1990. It has been used extensively over the past 12 years for the purposes of catalyst evaluation. It comprises of 4 isothermal trickle bed reactors running in parallel.

Hydrogen is fed into the reactors via high pressure Tescom gas regulators. The gas flow is controlled by Brooks mass flow meters.

The gas and liquid is co currently fed in the reactor system. The flow pattern in the reactor may be described as down flow.

The reactor exit pressure is regulated by Mighty Mite pressure control valves.

The gas stream is separated from the liquid stream in the low pressure stripper/ separator, which is run at 27 psig. Nitrogen is introduced into the stripper at a rate of 0,6 scf/h (or 2250 SCFB) in order to ensure the proper separation of Hydrogen Sulphide and Ammonia from the liquid product.

The off gas from the low pressure separator proceeds to a Calcium Hydroxide scrubber whereas the liquid product enters the automatic sample collection system.

AU 55 process specifications

  Number of reactors 4 in parallel
  Number of furnaces 1
  Total reactor volume 350 ml
  Reactor diameter 22.23 mm
  Reactor length 902 mm
  Operating pressure 2 - 165 barg
  Operating temperature 20 - 450 C
  Liquid Feed Rate 10 - 190 ml/h
  Gas Rate 0 - 54 sl/h

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