The solution
for hydroprocessing pilot plant testing and
advanced petroleum analyses

CSolutions first started its activities in 2001, although under a different name. At the time the transition to ULSD was the main challenge for most of the refineries around the world. Hence, already at the onset, CSolutions played a key role in helping refiners on the one hand and catalysts vendors on the other to meet this difficult challenges that the industry faced.

Very quickly, CSolutions diversified, carrying out FCC pretreatment and VGO HDT tests, and immediately thereafter, hydrocracking catalyst test. Adapting quickly to the demand and to today’s issues, CSolutions has more recently also acquired real know how in biomass HDT tests.

In just over 20 years, CSolutions has developed a world-renowned expertise to become the world leader in hydrotreating catalyst tests for services as diverse as hydrocracking, ULSD, HDT of naphtha, VGO or diesel or alternative fuels hydrotreating.

The accuracy of the analyses being one of the keys to the success of the pilot tests, CSolutions has developed a well-equipped analytical laboratory and analytical know how that it puts at the disposal of its customers on a standalone basis.