Pilot Testing
Unparalleled accuracy, precision and repeatability

Main characteristics of each pilot plant

CSolutions is currently equipped with two pilot plant units, with four reactors each. Each reactor can be operated independently in parallel or in two trains of 2 reactors in series. Each reactor is equipped with a high precision stripper / gas liquid separator.

The pilot plant are units are very regularly maintained to the highest of standards, not waiting for any failure to occur. Process control and unit automation systems are systematically updated in to maintain peak system performance.

The pilot plant tests are carried out by skilled, regularly trained and experienced engineers.

All of the above contribute to the unparalleled performance of the CSolutions team and testing platform.

Main characteristics of each pilot plant

Number of reactors & furnaces4 in parallel
Total reactor volume300 ml
Operating pressure2 – 175 barg
Operating temperature20 – 445 °C
Liquid feed rate10 – 180 ml/h
Gas rate0 – 300 sl/h

Physical distillation

CSolutions has specialized equipment and developed methodologies to perform repeatable and accurate physical distillations. Our equipment and know how enables us to fractionate the different cuts from a pilot plant test in order to accurately characterize the resultant products. Precise physical distillations are very useful differentiators in hydrocracking, but not only.

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