Commercial experience
We are recognized for excellence worldwide

For confidentiality reasons, CSolutions cannot name its customers. However, our commercial experience may be summarized as follows:

Customers worldwide

CSolutions has over 65 customers located everywhere in the world and on each of the five continents, i.e. Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Oceania, North and South America.

Refiners, catalysts vendors and technology providers

About all of the major oil companies as well as many independent refiners have carried out pilot plant tests at CSolutions. On their suppliers side, about all the catalysts vendors and the hydroprocessing technology providers are also CSolutions customers.

Satisfied customers

All of CSolutions customers are fully satisfied with the tests carried out and of the quality of the data provided. Most of our customers are repeat customers.


CSolutions has experience and expertise in pilot plant testing the following technologies: ULSD, CFHT and VGO HDT, Hydrocracking, Naphtha HDT, lube HCK and Hydrofinishing, Biomass and alternative fuels HDT, Diesel dewaxing…

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