All our analyses are performed in house, which have been proven to be more reliable and accurate

You can’t generate accurate pilot plant data if you don’t have a first class analytical laboratory.

CSolutions has therefore invested in well-equipped analytical laboratories which are certified with ISO 9001:2015 and operated by a fully trained professional team of analytical chemists.

As all of our the analyses are performed in house, some of the analytical methods used are to ASTM standards, while others have been adapted in order to improve accuracy & reliability.

We developed a number of analyses which are proprietary for certain customers and processes.

Although the main objective of CSolutions analytical laboratory is to analyze feeds and products from the pilot plants, it is also more and more often used to meet the needs of refineries and research centers for stand alone sample analysis. Given its capabilities and skills, this is a service that CSolutions is expanding and investing in.

Analytical methods – available at CSolutions

Aniline Point (ASTM D-611)

CFPP (ASTM D-6371)

Acid Number (ASTM D-664)

Colour (ASTM D-1500)

Aromatics (EN 12916/2006 / IFP 9409 / Proprietary)

Copper Corrosion (ASTM D-130)

Arsenic (Proprietary)

Cracked Gas (UOP 539)

Asphaltenes (ASTM D-6560)

Density / API (ASTM D-4052)

Basic Nitrogen (UOP 269)

Distillation D 2892

Bromine number / Index (ASTM D-1159 / D-2710)

Distillation D 86

Cetane Index (ASTM D-976 / ASTM D4737)

Flash Point PM / TAG (ASTM D-93 / D-56)

Cloud point (ASTM D-5771 / ASTM D-5773)

Water and Sediment (ASTM D2709)

H NMR (ASTM D-7171 / Proprietary)

Refractive index (ASTM D-1218)

MCRT (ASTM D-4530)

Sim Dist (ASTM D-2887 / D-7213 / D-6352)

Mercaptans (ASTM D-3227)

Smoke Point (ASTM D-1322)

Ni, V, Fe (Proprietary)

Sulphur (ASTM D-5453 or D-4294)

Nitrogen (ASTM D-4629)

Sulphur Speciation (Proprietary)

Pour Point (ASTM D-5949/ ASTM D-5950)

Aniline Point ASTM (D-611)

DHA (ASTM D-6733)

Water (ASTM D-6304 or D-1744)

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