Other Services
Beyond pilot testing,
CSolutions provide the following services


Any of the analytical method in service at CSolutions may be accessed on a standalone basis.

Some of our most advanced analyses are for instance:

● Sulfur speciation

● Accurate nitrogen content in feed and products

● Simulated distillations

● Hydrogen by H-NMR

● Trace amounts of metals by ICP-MS

● Cold flow properties for various fuels

Other services

● Feed effluent leak detection:
sulfur speciation of ULSD product allows us to detect feed effluent leaks in commercial heat exchangers.

● Feed severity:
by comparison of some of the feed characteristics such as sulfur speciation, Nitrogen and aromatic content, Simulated Distillation profiling. CSolutions can provide comparisons of feed severities.

● Test run:
by analyzing feed and products of a commercial hydroprocessing unit, CSolutions can provide test run work up of the commercial unit: for example mass balances, yields, & Hydrogen consumption.

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